1. Unlockable Content for Members

Give your community members that hold your NFTs access to special content or unlock the ability to comment, ask questions or participate in your project.

2. Participation Rewards

Host an online or offline event and give away or sell NFTs to participants. Reward holders with special content after the event has been completed. This drives engagement and participation.

3. Accept Community-Donations

Accept donations in ADA from people that want to support your community of project. Use a simple ADA Payment-Form where people choose any amount to donate.

Cafes & Rastaurants

1. Unlockable Menu

Create a digital menu for your business and lock/unlock certain menu-items or special offers for holders of a specific NFT, delegators of a specific stakepool or just people with a cardano-wallet.

2. Unlockable Recipies

Give your customers the chance unlock and download the recipies of specific items from your menu if they hold the NFT related to it. This can unlock additional revenue streams and engagement.

3. Collaborate with Artists

Collaborate with local artists and offer their artworks/music to your visitors. In exchange the artist could support your business with artworks/music.

Hotels & Housing

1. Unlockable Amneties/Offers

Offer additional amneties or special offers to delegators of a certain stake-pool or holders of specific NFTs. Collaborate with local artists and offer their artworks/music as NFTs to your guests.

Artists & Musicians

1. Sell your Artworks/Music

Create salespages to offer your artworks/music as NFTs and unlock additional works, content or updates for holders. This is a great way to engage with your fans reward them for their trust.

2. Create Collaborative Art

Let your fans participate in the creation of your art. Showcase your work-in-progress on an individual page and let fans suggest a direction via comments/polls if they hold a specific NFT. 

3. Get paid in ADA

Offer contract work and get paid in ADA. Use a simple payment form where your customers can pay you in ADA. Get notified when they have completed the payment to start your work.

Authors & Writers

1. Sell your Books/Articles

Sell your books/articles as NFTs and offer rewards to holders like access to author-commentary, additional content, hidden character info, community access, contests.

2. Offer Beta-Reader Access

Sell individual chapters you are working on as NFTs and collect feedback from your beta readers via comments. Alternatively you can offer full beta-reader-pass as an NFT for your current work in progress.

3. Explore Community-Driven Writing

Let readers participate in the creation of your content. Create polls on how the story should progress that are accessible only to people who hold the necessary NFT. This can be great for marketing and engagement.

4. Sell Characters, Locations, Items

Let your community own parts of your story, by offering them to purchase characters, locations or items from your book. This can also include story-secrets that are only revealed to holders.

Video-Creators & Influencers

1. Offer Special Access Passes

Offer your fans special access passes as NFTs to allow deeper participation in your community or your content creation. For example access to weekly live streams, Q&A Session or access to a gaming-server.


1. Unlockable Courses or Chapters

Sell access to your online course via NFT-sale and lock/unlock individual chapters or additional downloads to all holders. This can also be seasonal or time-restricted access.

2. Sell additional Extras

Offer additional extras like live 1-on-1 Sessions to people who have already purchased your course. Unlock these only to people who hold the additional NFT oder have delegated to a specific stake-pool.

Stake-Pool Operators

1. Reward Delegators with additional Content

Reward your delegators by unlocking additonal content or rewards for them if they have delegated to your pool for a certain number of epochs.

2. Drive delegation by SPO-Collaboration

Team up with other SPOs unlock rewards for delegators of any stake-pools that participate. This could be a shared NFT that you have created together.